What is neck pain?

What is neck pain ?

Burning, dull aching or throbbing pain in the neck can be perceived along with headache, radiating pain or tingling and numbness to upper limbs.

What are the causes of neck pain ?

Injuries : Car accidents or fall (“Whiplash”), sports related, head massage (any sudden forceful movement beyond certain range).

Posture : Poor postural alignment (flexed head, repetitive leaning over, hunched shoulders, looking in one direction due to mobile (text neck syndrome), laptops, and continuous reading. Weak muscles of the trunk or musculoskeletal imbalance.

Emotional stress : Stress contribute by causing contraction in neck and shoulder muscles. It aggravate or prolong healing of an existing neck injury.

Wear and Tear : Aging causing degeneration in the discs and joint osteophytes formation leading to stiffness or nerve compression

Others : Fever, Non-spinal pathologies such as oesophageal perforation, thyroiditis and mediastinitis can also cause neck pain


Neck pain mostly is caused by lack of exercise, poor posture, emotional stress or injury.

Ergonomics : Postural awareness in order to decrease any strain created on your neck Control Swelling and Pain (Acute injury 2-3 days)

Rest : Lie down on the sides with a thicker pillow (size equal to distance between shoulder tip and base of neck. This will relax any tight muscles. Lie down on your back with a thicker pillow

Encourage pain free movements as soon as possible to prevent disuse atrophy (destruction) of the muscles.

Stretching : Apply gentle head to relax sore muscles and increase circulation in general. Warm shower, moist warm towel or electric heating pad/water bag can be used for 10-15 minutes twice daily.

Strengthening : To regain/maintain good posture, your neck needs support of neck, shoulder and trunk. Prevention (Posture !, Posture !, Posture !)

Place your work at the eve level every time. Take breaks after every 30-45 mins for 5-10 stretching and range of motion exercises.

Treat the cause (In cases of neck pain of infectious, tumour or traumatic origin).

In most of the degenerative neck pain the main aim of the treatment is maximally possible pain relief with minimal possible intervention. Bed rest of two to three days is recommended. After two to three.